About Naomi


I am Naomi Mc Laughlan


“Wo kasa dodo”, my dad used to say about me.

(Twi - Language of Ghana – You can talk!)



I have a bubbly personality, three lovely children who I adore and enjoy traveling around the world, coffee and anything covered in chocolate...


My goal is to educate, inspire and motivate YOU (entrepreneurs and business owners) to create a business you desire & deserve!  


Naomi xxx

Professional Bio


Naomi Mc Laughlan has achieved a MBA Media Leadership degree from the University of Cumbria, UK

and a BA (Hons) in Business & Marketing degree from the University of Essex, UK.


Furthermore, Naomi has completed a whopping number of 30 Professional Certificates, 6 Degrees  and 10 Diplomas.


Naomi’s qualifications are in the fields of journalism, media, marketing, business and life coaching and counselling, child care, education, and special education. 

Naomi’s Educational Highlights Include…


FREELANCE JOURNALISM – British College of Journalism, UK

COMMUNITY JOURNALISM  - Cardiff University, UK

DIGITAL MARKETING – University of Southampton, UK  


BROADCAST MEDIA INTERVIEW TECHNIQUES – Hanseatische Akademie für Marketing + Medien, Germany

TV NEWS PRESENTER – TV Muenster, Germany


MANAGEMENT AND LEADERSHIP - The Institute of Leadership & Management (ILM), UK

HOME ECONOMICS MANAGEMENT & NUTRITION ADVISER - Landwirtschaftkammer Nordrhein - Westfalen, Germany

EDUCATIONAL PSYCHOLOGY & CHILDREN STUDIES - ALISON Advanced Learning Interactive Systems Online, Ireland


Naomi is no stranger to television appearances, having spent 3 years as a News Presenter at TV Muenster in Germany. Throughout her career Naomi was featured more than a hundred times in the national press and on TV. As a special guest Naomi was invited by the major talk shows in Germany to speak as an expert about parenting and good housekeeping.


Naomi was the “Pro 7 Face 1999”, for NRW as well as the finalist for the “Face 1999 Germany” competition. She won a model contract and was a special guest and presenter of the “The Oscar Night”, in the Centre Oberhausen.

Prior to becoming a TV Star, Naomi spent 8 years as a professional dancer and dance fitness instructor and has won the title of “ The German Masters in Show Dance and Garde Dance”, 5 times. During that time Naomi has taught more than 1750 children, teens and adults.

In 2003 Naomi then founded the “Little People’s Training & Education Centre”, a private language school for pre–school children in Muenster Hiltrup, Germany which enrolled over 1000 children. 

Naomi was the founder and CEO of “Perfect Home”, a Domestic Economics Management Service, from 2007 until 2010. 

In this role, Naomi was responsible for private households as well as businesses. The company provided solutions for organisation, economic efficiency, purchase and storage, controlling, stock take, billing, budget planning and capital expenditure, compliance with formalities, advice on laws, food hygiene, analysis of critique checkpoints, maintenance of industrial health and safety standards, environmental protection, labour organisation, organisation of production, time management, and employee motivation. As well as leadership of employees and education of young professionals and first-time employees.

Naomi won the “4 Weeks to a New You” fitness challenge in September 2012, from the Canadian Personal Fitness Trainer Tommy Europe, by losing a great amount of weight, and blogging every step of it on Facebook and Twitter. She is now featured in the current TV ad of the program.

Her children’s picture book “Judy, no need to be scared” was published in 2012 and has since helped hundreds of kids to find a way to overcome fear.

Since August 2013 Naomi offers the "Professional Home Educator Academy.com", a virtual training course for parents who want to learn how to create a successful home school environment.

In October 2013 she published her first Kindle Ebook '7 Ways to Make Reading Fun for Kids'. 


SHOESTRING BUDGET; Proven no & low cost ways to build a solid business, increase your productivity & financial freedom” was published.

In 2015 Naomi founded “The Success Toolbox Coach & Counsellor.com”, to enhance her service with a Business Coaching, Counselling and Consultation, in the in form of a one-to-one support and an online training course.

In 2016 Naomi started a collaboration with Teemill and offers her own line of Eco-friendly Tees with unique designs exclusively created by her in Naomi’s Tee Collection.

Naomi has been selected to being part of the Cherie Blair Foundation ‘Mentoring Women in Business’ programme to offer business mentorship to mentees around the globe. 

In July 2016, Naomi’s latest book ‘How to Apply Global Goals to Your Business: The #1 Guide to Becoming Greener, Leaner, and More Profitable by Applying the 17 Sustainable Development Goals’, achieved International Amazon Bestseller status after only six days of its release date and the audiobook version is exclusively available via Amazon, Audible and iTunes, since October 2016. 

Naomi's latest book 'Digital Marketing: #1 in the in the START-UPS ON A SHOESTRING BUDGET Series', was published in November 2017 and teaches not only Start-Ups, but also established business owners how to utulize Digital Media for their ventures. 

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