I have written 7 books so far,  two children books and five business books, 4 have become International Amazon Bestsellers! They not only made it into the Bestseller Lists across Europe and the US, but also into the Top 10 in Japan and Top 20 in Brazil!

It is not surprising that each time yet another became a bestseller, more and more people asked me to share my knowledge on how to publish and become a bestseller with them; friends and clients included. 

Based on my advice several of my clients finished their books, and three of them made it into the bestseller list as well (all in the Top 50 or above), whereby one achieved #1 Bestseller Status!

To help more people at once, I have compiled a list of aspects to consider when you what to get your book published, both self-published or through a traditional publisher AND in all formats, including a paperback, eBook or audiobook.

A list is not enough though, hence why I have created this live workshop for you!

So you have dreamed of seeing your book published, but you don’t know how to get started?

No problem!

This 60-minute workshop is for you, if you want to;

  • Publish a paperback book (or any other form of printed book binding),
  • Publish an audio book, or
  • Publish an eBook – or all three formats!

You will learn everything you need to know to give your book the final finish and get it published.

What we will cover;

  • Understanding Traditional Book Publishing vs Self-publishing
  • Finding a Literary Agent and Writing a Book Proposal for a Literary Agent
  • Self-publishing options
  • Binding formats
  • EBook and Audiobook publishing
  • Word count
  • Bestseller status
  • Book marketing
  • And much, much more

Your investment is only $129 (approx£99 / €110)

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