Naomi Mc Laughlan is a Business & Multimedia Marketing Consultant and Coach, 

Freelance Journalist, Author, Educator, and Speaker. 

She provides both written content in form of articles, blog posts and columns online as well as in print for websites, magazines and newspapers.


In LIVE events as a speaker and on TV Naomi gives expert advice on various topics. Naomi provides a cheerful experience and her talks are designed to entertain, inspire and sow seeds of growth and positive transformation in the hearts of her audiences. If your goal is to find an engaging writer for your readers or an inspirational speaker for your audience, then you’ve come to the right place.

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SERVICES from Naomi Mc Laughlan

Business Coaching, Counselling & Consulting


“I believe that the combination of business coaching, counselling and consulting is ideal for business owners and entrepreneurs alike, as it aids threefold; it provides a sounding board, strategies and techniques to cope with opportunities, challenges and implementation, as well as the analysis of existing organizational problems and the development of plans for improvement.” – Naomi Mc Laughlan 

Multimedia Marketing & PR Consulting


"I have noticed how many great creators are out there, trying and testing, and yet getting very low response on what they do. As a creative person myself, I know how frustrating this can be, so by offering my advice and expertise I am offering a service to my clients who don't want to delegate their copy writing or creative work, but who value the input my consulting can provide for them, business owners and solo-entrepreneurs alike."  - Naomi Mc Laughlan



“I love sharing my experience with your audiences in an interactive manner, including Q&A sessions". – Naomi Mc Laughlan

PROGRAMS with Naomi Mc Laughlan

Global Brand Strategy Success Club


Do you offer products or services online and you don’t know how to reach out to the world? Do you want your products or services to impact hundreds of thousands of people around the world,because you know it can make a difference in their life’s?

                                                                               Join the Global Brand Strategy Success Club today!

African Business Academy


Build your own online based business and start trading locally, nationally and internationally – From Africa to the World!

Start-Ups on a Shoestring Budget


You are a product and / or service based business owner or entrepreneur who loves what you do but need the right tools, techniques and strategies to establish a strong business foundation that withstands any changes of the economic climate? Then this course is for you!


Professional Home Educator Academy


Do you wonder how to start home schooling? Or have you already started, but feel a little lost? - Creating a Peaceful Homeschool Environment can       mean the difference between Success and Failure!

Success Toolbox Coach and Counsellor


Over the course of 90 days you actively restructure and optimise your business and business operations to enhance your financial freedom and                                                              build a sustainable business model including a happy, motivated and                                                                        trained workforce. 

BOOKS by Naomi Mc Laughlan

Brand Story Telling: Book #3 in the START-UPS ON A SHOESTRING BUDGET Series


Once upon a time, groups of people sat around a fire place, gathered on the market place or listened to stories at their place of worship, with all ears and eyes on the storyteller. The more colourful and interesting the storyteller would share his tale, the more focused the group would listen. AND this still happens today, often in a similar way, plus in a mix of formats of multimedia based content, including in traditional formats on TV, radio or print media, as well as in new online formats, in form of videos, text- and visual-based content. Yet, these new formats also have drawbacks, especially due the high volume of multimedia content shared online and offline alike. Attention and focus towards the storyteller becomes harder to gain, as the crowd is distracted by the surrounding noise.

Social Media Marketing: Book #2 in the START-UPS ON A SHOESTRING BUDGET Series


Attention spans are becoming lesser, due to an overload of information shared on Social Media and other media outlets, yet this medium to be an excellent opportunity to showcase your products and services, as well as possibly sharing tips, educational or inspirational content in relation to your business and your target                                                  market. 

Digital Marketing: Book #1 in the START-UPS ON A SHOESTRING BUDGET Series


Digital Marketing is a MUST for any business, especially for Start-ups on a Shoestring Budget! Why? Because consumers, so your ideal customers and clients included, are going to Google (or use any other search engine) FIRST, prior to making a purchase. AND if they can't find you, they are neither going to know that     YOU, e.g. your business and brand, exist, nor that YOU can HELP them solve their  problem. 

YOU MUST USE ANY AND EVERY CHANCE TO BE SEEN AND HEARD, by creating as many digital marketing touchpoints as possible, to get KNOWN, LIKED AND TRUSTED! And to ALWAYS stay top of mind, otherwise you will be forgotten in no time. 

How to apply Global Goals to Your Business: The #1 Guide to becoming Greener, Leaner, and more Profitable by applying the 17 Sustainable Development Goals

This the ultimate guide book for any micro-, small and medium sized business, as well as solo entrepreneur, as it highlights: What Global Goals are, Why business owners need to care, and How to apply each individual Goal to your business. 

With the help of practical examples, 60 innovative ideas and two well researched case studies Naomi Mc Laughlan has taken great effort to cover this huge field of environmental and  society friendly business strategy approach.                                      

Business Strategies for Start-Ups on a Shoestring Budget


Turn Yourself and Your Start-Up Business into High Productivity Mode! Use the five key areas Naomi Mc Laughlan explains in plain English, to increase your productivity and fincial freedom. Discover action packed step-by-step plans and worksheets;  • 'Get in, get out' information • Easy to implement action steps • Top five & Top ten lists and • A dash of humor and fun

Judy, no need to be scared

Judy is scared of many things.

Noise, water and insects are some of them.

Her mother helps her, to get over her fear by pointing out the nice side of the situations. 

Children on the Autistic Spectrum with anxieties and phobias might benefit greatly from this engaging story!

Includes 2 Pages of Info & Activities for children with fears and phobias.


 7 Ways to Make Reading Fun for Kids

7 Ways to Make Reading Fun for Kids' will give you useful ideas on how to encourage your children to discover the joy of reading.

ECO-FRIENDLY TEES  by Naomi Mc Laughlan

Naomi's Tee Collection

Inspired by the latest milestone of her educational journey within the MBA Media Leadership degree, Naomi has created an Agenda for Change, which is based on the United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Read more about it here. 

FEATURED POSTS by Naomi Mc Laughlan

   Home Schooling Q&A

Every year more and more families decide to home educate their children around the world, studies estimate between 5-20 % per year. As for most countries it is not compulsory to register with the local educational authority, the number of home educated children is just an estimate. In the United States there are between 900,000 to 2,000,000 home scholars, in the UK about 50,000, about 30,000 children in Australia, and over 50,000 in South Africa.



The 5 Principles of                             Lean Management

I believe that Lean Management is a key aspect in the growth of any business in any given industry, as it allows you to produce products and offer services that are aligned with your customer’s wants and needs while increasing your profits by eliminating waste.


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